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whispers..rain. glimmers. smiles.

who am I?

Ed Add Addie
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I live in Singapore
Love my friends & K
I love watching movies & enjoy literature and writing.
Really really wanna study overseas. x3 Given up.

i love God

. 동방신기 !! :D
. Jay Chou

. Junki ♥
. So Ji Sub
. Jeong Ryeo Won
. Tony Leung
. Johnny Depp
. Heath Ledger

i want a GUITAR >.>!^^

╒ Kim Jaejoong ╒ Addie ╛: at the end of the

김재중♥is my SKY

no serious homophobes, racists, sexist dudes T_T

i love snow

Dramasused to watch
robber of my heartboys over flowers
goong, my name is kim sam soon, winter sonata, stairway to heaven, full house, love story in harvard, which star are you from, my girl, time between dog and wolf (HUGS LJK VERY VERY TIGHTLY)♥, i'm sorry i love you, coffee prince, iljimae
, hana yori dango I & II, great teacher onizuka, nobuta wo produce, Hanazakari No Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradisemy MVP valentine, devil beside you, it started with a kiss, why why love, ouran high school club, vampire knight

♥ my sassy girl
♥ millionaire's first love
♥ guns and talks*
♥ seducing mr. perfect
♥ 200 pounds beauty
♥ 100 days with mr. arrogant
♥ she's on duty
♥ almost love
♥ the king and the clown*
♥ duelist
♥ my little bride
♥ please teach me english
♥ a tale of two sisters
♥ my wife is a gangster III
♥ dasepo girls
♥ rough cut*
♥ untold scandal

♥ 蓝宇*

♥ wild child*
♥ memoirs of a geisha*

* - favourited

BG image on lj = credit to sothery ^ ^